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We’ve already covered Online Chess Games in our Internet Chess Gamesarticle, which you can access from the Chess Glossary.

You can also take a look at the page by clicking this Internet Chess Gameslink.

When you visit that page, you’ll discover that we had a brief look at some of the better Free chess games availble on the Internet.

Which game you play really depends on the format you’re looking for …

Flash Chess III
(a.k.a. SparkChess)

[Same Game, NEW Name (2010): “SparkChess“]

Launch Spark Chess - a.k.a. Flash Chess III

Click to Play Flash Chess III / Spark Chess ]

If you want to play against a computer, Flash Chess III seems to offer the best, in terms of stylish graphics and game playability.

You get to select from 3 Difficulty modes/levels and, if you happen to play a crap move and want to try an alternative – you know, use it for a bit of training – then there’s an Undo button on the right.

Another potentially useful function is the ability to Save your current game and re-Load it at a later stage – provided you do so from the same machine …

This option really comes into its own if you’re at work …

You can play a cheeky game and if your boss suddenly comes into the room, hit the Save button, then quickly close the browser window …

Wait till the orifice leaves the room, re-open the web browser, find your way back to the Flash Chess III page, click the button marked “Load” and it’s as you were.

Instant Chess

Chess Glossary - Internet Chess Games - Instant Chess
Of course, you may want to test your skills against a living, breathing human – in that case, a website we’re really liking at the moment, for Human-vs-Human Chess Games, is Instant Chess.

Again, we’ve already looked into this, here on the Internet Chess Gamespage.

With Instant Chess, there are a couple of Subscription options, for which you get detailed analysis on potential opponents and you are able to enter their online Tournaments.

However, if you don’t mind who you play, you can simply enter a nickname, click the button marked “Start Game” and, within a few seconds you can be in a game with somebody from any of the 147 countries that currently feature.

So, of the many available, our current favorite Online Chess Games are:

Message from a fellow Chess enthusiast …

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